SMath Studio

SMath Studio

SMath Studio is a math program with 'paper'-like interface
SMath Studio v0.9
16 Jul 2012
SMath Studio v0.8
8 Jun 2009

What's new

v0.9 [11 Jan 2012]
Added ability to zoom the worksheet using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or via GUI (Menu on the Status Bar);
Added ability to create plugins to extend SMath Studio worksheet with new types of Regions (Custom Regions);
Translatable Units implemented;
Graph animation implemented;
Exponential threshold setting added;
Performance of the el(..), rows(..), cols(..) and length(..) functions improved;
Added ability to show/hide grid on the Plot Control;
Added ability to show/hide axes on the Plot Control;
Symbolic library simplification engine improved;
Added support for *.txt files to drag'n'drop to the Worksheet;
Added ability to display text as a result for the Math Regions with manually specified Units;
Example of animation added:;
Added ability to show current language for the Translatable Regions;
Worksheet's context menu improved to display languages supported for the Region;
Plot Region and Math Region components extended to support hidden input data mode;
Settings dialog reworked: some of the options require program restart now;
Context menu of Math Region extended with options: Decimal Places, Exponential Threshold and Fraction type;
Added ability to use value recommended by Dynamic Assistance by Enter pressing;
In the Dynamic Assistance hint "TAB+Shift" replaced with "Shift+TAB";
Pictures saves in XML using base64 format now instead of binhex (output files size decreased);
Backspace behavior improved for Math Region (f.e. in expression "1+2" it takes 3 backspace' uses to remove all);
Plot 2D and Plot 3D buttons removed from the math toolbar panel;
Math Region improved;
Worksheet's Context Menu improved;
Translatable Regions interfaces improved;
Units importing from XML file implemented;
Beam example corrected;
Home and Back buttons fixed for the Math Book;
Fixed changing of the border for multiple selected Regions when Regions has different border value;
Fixed error appears on moving Collapsed Area using Up/Down/Left/Right keyboard buttons;
Fixed issues appears after pasting Regions (lost metadata etc);
Fixed error of application opening on multi-monitor configuration (program will open on the connected display only);
Fixed errors with Units for zero;
Fixed error appears on file Save if only SMath Studio files plugin installed;
Save file dialog will not be shown if no file plugins installed;
Handling of the messages from plugins improved (fixed issue about invisible regions on Worksheet's load);
Solve function limits issue fixed;
Fixed issue appears when pasted image was shown outside of the visible Worksheet bounds;
Fixed issue with All Units item shown twice into the Insert Units Dialog;
New interface languages added: CAT, FAS, FIN, HEB, LAV, SLK, SWE;
Language files updated;

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